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Duboisi Cichlid my newest fish

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Got 3 of these today ,there in my 27g grow out Q tank , there doing a great job of eating all the hair + algae off my plants , wasn't expecting them to be such algae fans.
As they mature to 5 inches they will loose there spots and get a blue head with a yellow vertical stripe behind the head.
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I hope you have a 75 gallon plus tank and a way to get at least 9 more tropheus, or else when they mature they will fight until only one troph remains...
They are entirely vegetarian in the wild (other then the occasional stuff that ends up in the algae) and most breeders/keepers avoid any protein in their diet. Many state they see an increase in Malawi bloat if offered high protein in their diet. As they grow they will shred most plants in the tank. They are also a colony fish as Grah stated and seem to do far better in that setting, in small numbers a dominant fish will kill all others in the tank. Most keepers recommend keeping 12+ and they are very finicky about water parameters. Most local troph/petro keepers have explained that if you can fit any more filters/sumps under the aquarium then you are not filtering enough. I've seen some crazy filtration and 85% WC 2-3 times a week to keep a colony happy and active.
They will be moving into a 100g community tank heavily filtered with frequent 60% water changes , cichlids have proven to be high maintenance, I have low protein cichlid food several different types , try to keep the protein under 40% .
Hopefully they will be ok in a cichlid community tank maybe I got a little to excited to find soothing different
I wish they kept their spots, they look really awesome that way. The adults don't look that cool IMO.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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