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Selling two tanks and one regulator (realized after I posted that I can't update the title)

Dual-stage regulator - $40
Scott dual-stage CO2 regulator with gauges. This reg is ideal for a setup that's not using a solenoid (always on), since it has pressure creep in the second stage when the solenoid closes. I was told it could be an issue with the diaphragm or an internal poppet valve leak. This may be an easy fix, I just haven't had the time to disassemble it and research the solution. Regulator has a nice, steady flow with great gauges.

Tank 1 - $65
ADA Mini-S with, seiryu stones, lid, and stand (link in my signature). I won this tank in KevChan's RAOK a couple of years ago and have really enjoyed it. He told me that the tank must always be given away for free like he did, lest "Amano curse you". So I'm giving the tank, lid, and seiryu stones away for free and you're buying the stand and mats that I fit to the tank. I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect stand for this tank and this is the nicest off-the-shelf one I could find that looks good and isn't too short (stand is 35" high). I don't want to part any of this out.

Tank 2 - $90
20g tall with stand (link in my signature). This is a Marineland LED kit and includes the original lid and LED lights, as well as a glass lid that I cut to fit the tank, the other accessories that came with the kit (Penguin 150 BioWheel filter and heater), and a Petco stand similar to their Manhattan model. Also includes fine gravel substrate, flora, and fauna.
Flora - moss tied down to cholla wood, anubias, Marsilea minuta, Sunset hygrophila, Alternanthera reineckii, and a couple of other plants
Fauna - 5 green neon tetras (1 is pregnant), tons of red cherry shrimp, 1 otocinclus, snails
Also not looking to part any of this out until tank is sold.

I also have extras I can throw in like dry ferts, food, etc. I prefer to sell everything locally, and am in the UTC area.


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