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Dual stage CO2 regulator, asking essentially the price I paid for all parts: $180 shipped, paypal only and US continental only.

The regulator is tested, and I ran it for several months. Post-body parts where all new. The body itself is used, but in perfect working conditions. This is industrial grade regulator, which are built to last (new one will cost many hundreds of $s).

It runs a Clipart solinoid and Fabco Needle Valve 1/8 NPT. CO2 tank in the picture is NOT included.

IMPORTANT: the maximum working pressure, or saying differently the output pressure is only 20PSI, and thus can be used only with inline reactors and it will not work with in-tank diffuses. Anyway I think a reactor is the best solution to dissolve CO2.

Bonus: I will add a bubble counter (seen in the picture).

Dual-stage feature prevents end of the tank syndrome. I was running it till the higher pressure gauge was hitting zero with no issues. You run it at your own risk.

The solenoid runs on low voltage 24V. It never gets warm or hot. Moreover, since it is mounted on manifold, it can be easily changed without disassembling the whole unit, although it should last a lifetime.

The needle valve is industrial grade valve. Gives a solid stable output with no floating. Can be fine tuned nicely. For comparison, on my other built I have an expensive (like almost the price of this regulator) needle valve that is supposed to work much better but I can not see any big difference, tbh.

Since this is DIY assembled, all parts can be easily changed, or replaced if needed in the future (usually impossible with any off-shelf regulator).

Also note that the regulator is on bigger size, and it may appear a little bulky in compassion to those sold for aquariums.

Finally, the reason for selling. I planed to start an additional high-tech tank, but plans changes. Thought instead of it to stay on my shelf, somebody may have use of it.

PM if interested.
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