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I'm trying to get my 29gallon up and rolling but I cant decide on which fixture(s) to go with. The light will sit 18" off of the substrate and i would like to grow DHG among other things. I already have a 30" fugeray and i could easily add a planted+ to get the lighting I need. The other option is to sell the ray and buy a 2 or 4 bulb Odyssea T5HO in the 24 or 36" model. I am dry starting the grass at this point and i have my fugeray inside the tank to insure that the plants get enough light. I would like to get 60 par at the substrate, I can always elevate the fixtures if need be.

My issues are:
- Total cost (I'm on a budget)
- light intensity and color (the fugeray is so bright it seems to wash out colors)
- best plant growth

With all this being said what do you guys think would be the best option for me?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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