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lighting- marineland double bright (12 hrs)
substrate- amazona new)

i've been misting with water from my crs tank.
ro water remineralized with fluval.
ph-6, tds-180, kh-1, gh-5, only ferts is light seachem flourish.

top completely covered with saran wrap and just air it out once a day.

so i haven't been keeping exact tract of time, but probably around 3 weeks into my DSM.

i'm assuming i have too much water so i've slowed down on misting and have been starting to let it dry out some to see if that helps.

any thoughts on what i could be doing wrong? i'm also seeing lots of growth so maybe its a normal amount of melting?

below are some current shots of my DSM i just took.


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Turning yellow

I had a recent post involving the same concern. Not as much
yellow as yours, but I thought it might be due to temperature.
If your room is too cool, then the humidity may not build up enough,
and the temp in the tank cools down. I put some plastic over my tank
setup and created a tent, so the warmth of the lighting will increase
the temp. under the tent. I don't know if this is the answer but I
thought I would try it.

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