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DSM and have algae questions

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Hey guys started 12 gal long a while back with HC cuba. I did a dry start and flooded it. I ended up trashing it due to some greenish algae encasing everything. So I reused some of the soil to grow DHG in. I let the DHG grow in tubberwares with the old aquasoil for months. Just a couple weeks ago I filled up my 12 gal long with brand new aquasoil. Without dipping the DHG in any peroxide or anything I planted it in the tank to get a dry start. Also the rocks I soaked in isopropyl and excel.

Now I am getting some algae that varies from light green to dark green. I was misting heavily for the first week or and now I am doing much less as to not accumulate water at the bottom. I have this algae on my rocks and on a little of the soil. I then immediately filled mixed some excel in my spray bottle and have now been misting lightly with that solution for a couple of days.

I need guidance. I dont know if I should continue what I am doing? OR if I should trash the aquasoil, hit the plants/rocks with peroxide dips/washes then use brand new aquasoil again.
Thanks for your time guys.


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Do you remove the wrap on top of the tank for a little while every day? If you are, how long are you leaving it off? All the tanks I have dry started stayed almost algae free when I left the top off the tank for about 20 minutes everyday.
I leave two corners of plastic wrap open slightly 24/7. Should I have a complete seal and only open it up for a short time such as you?
Well, honestly I'm not sure. You would think that by having two corners open 24/7 that you would have some air exchange inside the tank. You know, another option is to treat the algae you have now with some hydrogen peroxide. Whenever I am doing a dry start, I try not to have any standing water in the tank. I use a turkey baster to remove any standing water that may accumulate over time. Another thing to consider is that you could just let the algae go for now and right before you flood the tank you could dose hydrogen peroxide and work over the rocks with a toothbrush. I believe that alot of the algae on the rocks will come off that way when you flood it.
Maybe some one else with more experience will chime in soon.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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