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Ds11375 20 gallon Journal

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I will be setting up my tank as soon as I get my Tax check. All the equipment listed for my 15 gallon will be used on the 20 except I will be switching
to Eco(40 Lbs). The background has been painted Black. This will be the First and last time I try to paint a background using Brushes or rollers.

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I like a tank with a canopy and stand looks great.
Thanks. Both were DIYs.
Looking forward to see how it turns out, I got a 20H and it's not a size you see normally. :)
Update (56k warning)

Ok 40 Lbs of Eco and some rock and ready to fill.
Any advice or comments are welcomed.


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looks nice...I would try to get at least 2.5-3 inches of substrate down.
Looks good, very slick with the black stand, background, and eco. i think that substrate is deep enough.

I would consider this, though: depending on the plants you are going to keep, your rocks will get lost in the jungle. If you are going glosso and hairgrass or something, rock on!

Also, just realized the stand is DIY. Looks great! What did you use for lumber?
I was not going to use more Eco considering I paid $29.99 for it. I could've gotten it for Five bucks cheeper at another LFS but they didn't have it in stock and would've been a week or two before they got more in. The only plant I know for sure that I'm going to use is HC for ground cover. Any plant suggestions are welcome. The frame of the stand is all two by fours the rest is trim and paneling I had laying around in the garage.

Tks for the comments.

The tank has been running since Friday afternoon. The Aquascaping is not set in "Stone" so to speak. Some of you suggested Larger Rocks and less of them but for now I will leave it alone and see how things develop. I will be adding more plants tomorrow.

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That's a really sharp stand and canopy. Nice work!

Looks like you have a nice start. I also agree with everyone else on the rocks. I would consider keeping an odd number of them, as well. Or, bunching three together and the fourth on its own to the other side.
I heard four was an unlucky number and its better to group them in odd numbers?
Hehe... I don't know if it's unlucky, but I believe that odd number groupings just look more natural.
I like it a lot. Looks great. You made the tank yourself??? It says "both were DIY" if you did make the tank what did you use to keep the sides and bottom together?
The Stand and Hood are both DIY. I don't think I would ever go as far as to make my own tank.


I like it a lot. Looks great. You made the tank yourself??? It says "both were DIY" if you did make the tank what did you use to keep the sides and bottom together?
Update April 11,2007 (56k)

Here is what my tank looks like after a little over a month.
My reading as of 3/23 are as follow :

Ph 7.2
Amm 0
Na 0.05
Ni 0
phos 1.0
KH 6
GH 7

As of today Ph,KH and GH are slightly lower.

Any comments are welcome

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Sorry to be so dim, but what plant is in the foreground? On the right side the plants look too much lined up...knida like an orchard. You might want to try to offset them a little to obtain a more "natural" look. I love the progression and planting scheme though. I might think about a small rock in the right side as well...kind of a cascade effect to what you started, although once the foreground is filled in nobody would know how many rocks you have anyway. Sometimes I think the "rules" people are accoustomed to just don't work once a tank grows in. I have seen many that look cool when first started but once moss and other plants grow in you wouldn't know they even had driftwood or rocks...maybe thats the point and I just missed it:) . I really like the tank though. Looks very natural stream to me. All the streams/rivers I've been in, there is a progression of rocks/plants and yours has that. Great job. :thumbsup:
I think that adding one more slightly bigger rock on the right side to try and give both sides of the tank a line of site. the way it is currently I don't even look at that side of the tank right now
I like where you are going with this....
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