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Dry Start Method and Kessil H150

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Hi, All -

Been ghosting the Forum, finally had a question of my own. :)

After tearing down my last successful planted nano, I'm looking to start anew. Will be very simple high tech nano.

End Goal: dwarf hairgrass carpet, bonsai with either marimo or xmas moss, shrimp, endlers & embers.

Here are the specs:
ADA 60F Garden Cube 8.6gal
Twinstar 600E
Twinstar M3 Sterilizer
EcoComplete w/ root tabs (can't afford ADA soil at this time)
50W heater
CO2 with GLA regulator
Seriyu stone

So, had successful dry start with monte carlo in previous build. Looking to do the same method again, but the new twist is I have a spare hydroponics kessil lying around from my old reef sump. Would it make sense to use that for the dry start as it's a grow light? Or do you believe it'll cause some unknown algae in the substrate before I even get the system started because it's pretty intense?

Would love to know your thoughts & feedback.
Thanks in advance!
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If you decide to use eco complete make sure to dose a fertilizer with nitrogen when misting. As already stated eco complete is inert so if you just add water and nothing else your plants will die. When the tank is running your plants will get nitrogen from fish and leftover food. But in a dry start it's just what you put in.
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