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Dry start for mosses?

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I just started the "dry start" method on a 20 long tank. I am following the directions from here after testing it in a small container. I found that fissidens are very hard to kill and with just a little moisture will secure themselves to whatever they are on.

In the same test mini pellia simply turned brown and melted into goop. I just got some more mini pellia but do not want to kill it all off in the dry start. The biggest problem is the rocks in the 20 gallon dry out between the time I mist them and get home at night to re-mist them. There is a little moisture but not very much. Is there any simple way to increase humidity without buying a fogger?

Would it be better to just wait to add the mini pellia after the tank has been filled? I already have fissidens and a small amount of mini pellia in the tank so once I am sure most of it is attached I will flood it. Also if I should not add the rest of the mini pellia right now would it survive in a jar near a window for the next 6-10 days?
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Is your tank covered? If it is, you should have enough moisture when you get back home.

I think mini pellia does better submersed.
Its covered in plastic wrap that is taped down. Looking at it now even though I misted a few hours ago 2 of the rocks are bone dry while the others are still moist.

Because of that I will probably just leave the mini pellia off the rocks for now. I am also trying to carpet mini pellia on the lower side of the tank. Would it be a bad idea to raise the water level a little above the substrate and put some pellia on that? Most DSM directions say not to raise the water above the substrate.
Are you using fissiden Fontanue? Or mini fissiden?
Would placing a small container of water inside the sealed tank help?
I Would add 1/2" of water on the bottom of the tank.
The problem is there isnt enough water to evaporate to keep it humid to the point where it wont evaporate off the rocks.
If your only wetting a few rocks, that water will evaporate no problem in the volume of air present in a 20g or whatever.
You want a large surface area with the water, so id suggest adding water to the tank rather than putting a bunch of cops.
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