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Dry ferts

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Does anyone know off hand if dry ferts from GLA or aquarium fertilizer is 100% pure or what percentage say the KNO3 is?

It might be a question for those companies but thought I'd ask here first.
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KNO3 from Aquarium Fertilizer (I have not looked at GLA product line, but I would assume it is the same) is agriculture grade, provides a fertilizer value of:
This is the official way fertilizer is rated in the USA. The first number is nitrogen, the second if phosphorus, the third is potassium. (actually it is a little bit different, but the concept is right) These are % by weight.

So, KNO3 is...
13% N
0% P
44% K

13+44 = 47.
that leaves 53% by weight oxygen.

There are no additives, no fillers, no binders.

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Yes most aquarium ferts are going to be ag grade and will be in the 99% range. The stuff I sell is 99.5%(if I remember correctly). Im not positive but I dont think lab grade stuff is even 100% though it will be closer to it, but comes at a much greater cost. Im not sure what you are looking to use the kno3 for but if its going in an aquarium the ag grade stuff will be perfectly fine.
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