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New Item:

Liquid Iron $10 plus shipping

Liquid Iron Supplement

Provides 0.25ppm Iron when dose at 1 pump per 10g​

Custom Liquid Fertilizer Mixing:
This is mostly for smaller tanks but can also be used for larger tanks needing something specific.

Have a high tech tank and need more iron or potassium than normal liquid fertilizers provide?
Have a high bioload and want a liquid fertilizer without any nitrogen?
Have a small tank(less than 10g) and dont want to over dose?

If so I can help. Let me know what you are looking for and we can work something out. The price will be the same as my Liquid NPK+M($30 shipped) and will come with 2 500ml pump bottles. Let me know if you have any questions.


Liquid NPK + M

This product is tailored towards dosing via the EI method.
Dosing for full EI levels is 1 pump of each bottle per 10 gallons 3x per week.
For lower light/lower tech tanks dosing at 1 pump per 20 gallons 3x per week.
For example: For a 20 gallon higher light tank would be as follows-
2 pumps of the micros per day Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
2 pumps of the macros per day Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
50% week water change is suggested on the 7th day per EI guidelines followed by addition of the GH booster of your choice(I have some for sale below in the dry ferts section).
Bottles are 500ml each.
This will last more than 41 weeks on a 20 gallon tank dosing 3x per week.
I am asking $30 shipped​


New Packaging on Dry ferts:

PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE- If you find a cheaper price on Dry Fertilizers including shipping I will match or beat the price!!!!
Dry Fertilizers- Ala Carte​
Potassium Nitrate (KNO3)- $3/lb
Mono Potassium Phosphate (KH2PO4)- $5/lb $3 per 1/2lb
Potassium Sulfate (K2SO4)- $3/lb
Miller Microplex- $9 per 1/2lb or $17/lb
Plantex CSM+B- $12/lb $7.50 per 1/2lb
Iron Chelate 10% DTPA- $10 per 1/2lb, $18/lb
Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4)- $2.50/lb
Manganese Sulfate (MnSO4)- $8/ half pound
Calcium Nitrate (CaNO3)- $2.50/lb
Calcium Sulfate (CaSO4)- $3/lb
GH Booster- Contains 3:3:1(K2SO4:CaSO4:MgSO4)- $6/lb
-Shipping will be $7 no matter how much is ordered, unless otherwise noted-​
Package Pricing

EI based NPK + CSM+B with GH booster - $27 Shipped
2lb KNO3, 1/2lb KH2PO4, 1lb GH booster, and 1/2lb CSM+B
Add 1/2lb Iron Chelate 10% for $8.50

PPS-PRO fertilizer Package- $35 shipped
2x 500ml Dosing bottles
1lb KNO3, 1/2lb KH2PO4, 1lb K2SO4, 1lb MgSo4 and 1/2lb CSM+B

NPK + CSM+B Package- $21 shipped
1lb KNO3, 1/2lb KH2PO4, 1lb K2SO4, and 1/2lb CSM+B
Add 1/2lb Iron Chelate 10% for $8.50

NPK + microplex Package- $23 shipped
1lb KNO3, 1/2lb KH2PO4, 1lb K2SO4, and 1/2lb miller microplex
Add 1/2lb Iron Chelate 10% for $8.50

EI based NPK + CSM+B - $23 Shipped
2lb KNO3, 1/2lb KH2PO4, 1/2lb K2SO4, and 1/2lb CSM+B
Add 1/2lb Iron Chelate 10% for $8.50

EI based NPK + microplex Package- $25 Shipped
2lb KNO3, 1/2lb KH2PO4, 1/2lb K2SO4, and 1/2lb Miller Microplex
Add 1/2lb Iron Chelate 10% for $8.50

DIY EI Liquid Ferts

Want to dose ferts but the cost of liquid ferts is too expensive???
Don't want to go through the hassle of mixing dry ferts yourself???
Then this is for YOU!!!!!!
What you get- 2x 500ml dosing bottles(1x Micros, 1x Macros)
2 complete refill packets( so you are essentially getting enough to make 1500ml of both micros and macros)
Cost- $29 shipped
It will be shipped without water, all you will need to do is add 500ml of RO water to each bottle. When the solution in each bottle runs out, simply add the refill packet to the appropriate dosing bottle add 500ml of RO water and you are good to go again.
Dosing Instructions:
Add 5ml per 20 gallons of water for each the micro and macro 3x per week on alternating days per the EI dosing instructions.
How long will this last me??
20 Gallon tank- roughly 2 years
40 gallon tank- roughly 1 year
80 gallon tank- roughly 6 months
and so on...
Special thanks to WETS dosing calculator:
Warning: Micro solutions will sometimes grow mold, to prevent this youf should either refrigerate it or add 10ml excel to the solution​
Concentrations(as per wets calculator):
B- 0.09ppm
Cu 0.01ppm
Fe 0.50 ppm
Mg 0.11 ppm
Mn 0.14 ppm
Mo 0.0038 ppm
Zn 0.03 ppm
dGH 0.02
N- 7.5ppm
P- 1.3ppm
K- 4.27ppm
PPS-Pro Liquid Ferts

PPS-Pro style liquid fertilizer- $28 shipped
-2x 500ml dosing bottles
-Pre-measured micros and macros, enough to dose 5000 gallons of tank water.
-Also comes with set of refill packets
Additional refill Packets are $6 per set.
Dosing Instructions:
The ferts will come already in the dosing bottle, simply fill the bottle with 500ml of RO water and you are ready to go.
Dose 1ml per 10 gallons of water of each micro and macro ferts each day prior to lights coming on.


50 #000 capsules for $14 shipped
These Comprise of:
75% Mineralized Top Soil
25% EI+Clay formula(16 parts Red Clay, 8 parts CSM+B, 2 parts Potassium Sulfate, 2 parts Magnesium Sulfate, 0.5 part Potassium Nitrate)


For sale are 00 sized capsules filled with Osmocote Plus. I am selling them for the cheapest I have seen them sold. Get them while they last.
The capsules are-
-BSE Free Certification-
-Gelatin Capsules -
- Halal Certificate -
-Kosher Certification -
Options-Prices include first class shipping - add $3 for Priority
25 - $5
50 - $8
75 - $10
100 - $11
150 - $12
200 - $17
300 - $20

Planted tank supplies

12" Pinsettes with bent tip- $12 shipped first class, $15 shipped for priority

JBJ style Brass Bubble Counter-
$15 shipped

Stainless Steel Check Valve-
$7 Shipped

Atomic Co2 Diffusers-
Two sizes, one for smaller aquariums, one for larger- $17 shipped
Require 36PSI to run correctly

Glass Co2 Diffusers-
Regular glass co2 diffuser - $14 shipped
Glass co2 diffuser with bubble counter - $20 shipped

Up Aqua Drop Checker(includes reagent, 4dkh fluid add $5)-
$10 shipped- Back in Stock

Glass Drop Checker- $9.50 shipped(does not include ph reagent)

Up Aqua Drop Checker w/ 4oz 4dkh fluid in flip top bottle- $15 shipped
Glass Drop Checker w/ 4oz 4dkh fluid in flip top bottle- $14 shipped

4DKH Fluid- 4oz flip top bottle- $7.50 shipped

Stainless Steel Double Bend Scissors- $15 Shipped- **back in stock**

Stainless Steel Curved Scissors 7"- $12 Shipped

Stainless Steel Mesh #10x10 0.035"(Minimum $5 order)
2"x4" pieces $.75
4"x6" pieces $3
6"x6" pieces $4.50
6"x12" pieces $6
12"x12" pieces $10



5 stems Hygrophila sp. "Araguaia" $23 shipped


=_=_=_Cholla Wood and Indian Almond Leaves_=_=_=
Cholla Wood- This is a softer wood that shrimp and other fish love to eat and hide in. The pieces average 6" in length and vary in thickness but are all a nice size.

I am selling them for: $12 for 5 pieces and $20 for 10 pieces including shipping.

Indian Almond Leaves- They average about 7-8" with some being a little larger and some a little smaller.

20 IALs for $11 shipped first class mail in an envelope- add $4 for priority shipping in a box.
50 IALs for $24 shipped first class mail in an envelope- add $4 for priority shipping in a box.

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