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Dry Ferts, Dosing, Plant Growth & Stunned Algae Growth

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DIY LED light (Light PAR is good i'd say. 6500k w/ whites, red, and blue. on for four hours twice a day with time between to cool down.)
40 gallon medium planted
dosing 3-5mL/day of macro micro mix i bought. (My dry ferts came pre mixed with KNO3, K2SO4, MgSO4 and CSM+B all proportionally together.)
High tech CO2 (1-1.5 bubbles per second)
Do 35-50% water changes every week and a half or two weeks.

Water Parameters:
pH: 7.2
Nitrates: about 80-100 ppm
Phosphates: between 0-0.25 ppm
KH & GH: Both read about 200 ppm (11 drops with the API test kits)

I'm getting what seems to be lots of pearling so i thought i'd ask,
If i stop dosing ferts, will the pearling stop when the ferts run out or will pearling keep going as long as there is light and co2 with dense o2 saturation?

only reason i ask is i want to starve out algae (or stun it's growth substantially). Some i have seen in my tank before cleaning recently are in links below
This kind on the glass:
That wasn't the only kind on glass. There was other kind that just made the glass less transparent. Almost as if it had to do with calcium because it was hard to take off. I still see streaks where it stayed on from scraping the glass with razor. (GH supports this as hard water?)

and this kind on my rock:
It is pretty short and fussy and not like hair grass. Doesn't look that color green either. has few brown spots.

Basically i want to know if i'm dosing too much ferts? (Sometimes 3mL/day sometimes 5mL/day) Is there any way i can know which type KNO3, K2SO4, or MgSO4 i need more or less of in the tank? Any suggestions would be helpful.
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That's about all. You might need mag sulphate if you hardness is mostly calcium. But most recommend Epsom salts for that from the drug store.

Are you sure that dry mix of yours doesn't have phosphates as well? Seems odd they'd leave it out...
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