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Dry additives; "supplement" for shrimp???

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So, upon browsing through the web.. I've noticed what I've stumble upon before. Fluval Shrimp Mineral Supplement? I'm only breeding Red Cherries and though they are easy to breed. I really want to cull those red traits, for a darker red. I've read that mineral supplement might enhance their colors, but I've also read that the Fluval Mineral Supplement only raise hardess in the water? How do you guys feel about these "shrimp supplements"? And which brand would you recommend?
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Fluval Shrimp Mineral Supplement is just a GH booster added to RO water because RO water is too "pure" for fish/shrimp to live in.

To enhance the red in RCS. just buy some PFRs and breed them in with the regular cherries.
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