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Dropped T5 Light in Aquarium!!

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Hi, everyone! Bad news, I dropped half of my Coralife Aqualight T5 fixture in my tank while doing a water change. I should of put the light on the ground away from the tank but I was being lazy....anyways, so as soon it went in the tank(after cursing a few times)I took it out and I'm not sure if water got into the ballast but I dried it really well and when I went to turn it back on, half of the T5 bulbs flickered but didn't turn on. So does that mean the ballast went out or the things that hold the bulbs? I ordered a new ballast so I'm hoping its the ballast and nothing else. What do you guys think?
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Yeah, I have dropped my light in the tank a few times. I always just unplug, take it out, and let 'er dry. Most the time it comes back in just a few minutes.
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