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Drop checker wierd results

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ok I've had my drop checker in my tank for almost a week now...

At first I had a greenish yellow color...

So I lowerd my bps rate.. and increase the amount of time my air pump is on at night to put o2 in the tank..

Now my drop checker color is almost pure yellow?!?!

What is going on..there should be way less co2 then usual..right?

should I change the solution...its not even a week old..
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What brand is the drop checker tell us more about your drop checker.
Are you using 4dkh water?
its the one made by blacksunshine.. and yes 4dkh solution
Perhaps there is a leak somewhere.

That happens to my dropchecker from blacksunshine.
Its like green in my tank and when i take it out it turnes yellow.
Its a mystery
so then how do I know what my c02 ppm level is?

I put my o2 air stone right underneath it to test if it turns back to green...
anyone else?
I just bought a dc from Blacksunshine myself and here are my results.

I put it in my tank, it turned green for a few days, now it is pee yellow!
Here is the weird part, I don't have ANY kind of CO2 running in my tank. I just put it in there to get ready for when I do get my pressurized C02 tank stuff. I'm not using DIY C02 either. I wouldn't believe the results that you are getting right now. Thank you for posting. I was walking around the house asking everyone to confirm the yellow color. :icon_cool

I sent him a PM and haven't gotten a reply yet.
I'm bumping this up in hopes that someone has an answer that makes sense. :)

Blacksunshine did respond, but I am still confused. Anyone know why we would be getting these weird results???
My results are especially odd because I have read that if you don't put CO2 in your tank then there is none. Mine is yellow, meaning too much CO2, which would indicate that I'm strangely lucky enough to not have to buy any fancy equipment like you all. That dang ghost of mine!

I haven't sent Rex my money yet for my regulator because I am waiting to figure out how to trust the drop checker.

Perhaps I'm one of those too stupid to own a planted tank, who knows.

Ph 7.8
GH 8
KH 5

Thank you kindly
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Pull the DC out for a few... does it change to blue?
Nope, it remained bright yellow for a couple days and then I poured it down the drain.
Nope, it remained bright yellow for a couple days and then I poured it down the drain.
If it didn't turn blue when you took it out of the tank, then the solution inside the DC was contaminated somehow. Rinse it out a couple times with some clean 4dKH solution and then reload it and try again.

I have three drop checkers - my BlackSunshine is the slowest of the three to react to changes, but it has no problem with accuracy.

I don't want to hijack this thread but don't won't to start a new one as well because I have a similar problem. I put my solution from blacksunshine into my drop checker directly and it was blue for a couple of days and then I increase bps and it was yellow. I then changed the bps to how it was and it still is yellow.

Will the solution ever change back to blue?

Also what is the direction do I just put his solution directly into the drop checker?
Not a hijack if you are sharing the same issues.

I gave up on that solution/drop checker from Blacksunshine and sent it off to another member. It was just giving me a headache and making me feel stupid. Nobody had a good answer for me other then they thought the solution was bad. With my very limited knowledge, I would have to agree.

I mean no disrespect to Blacksunshine. I think he was more then generous enough to make them for us. Many more people have had favorable results, so I think it's just a fluke .

I bought a new one and got different problems, but it is all a good learning experience. :icon_lol:
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