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Drop Checker Flooded, HELP

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hey so my co2 drop checker flooded. I set everything up yesterday, bubbles were going fine. Then it turned itself off for night time with a timer, this morning the drop counter is flooded, and I don't know how to fix it. When I try to unscrew the cap to get the water out water keeps flowing out. Here is a pic of my layout. Do I need to move stuff around? Also I am using a co2 reactor.

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You dont really need another check valve. The bubble counter you have likely has a built in check valve so nothing will siphon backwards past the bubble counter. Water siphoning into the bubble counter is no big deal. It needs water if you want to use it as a true bubble counter.
Safer to add a check valve between the regulator and the tank. There have been reports of check valves between the bubble counter and needle valve failing.
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