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Drop Checker Flooded, HELP

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hey so my co2 drop checker flooded. I set everything up yesterday, bubbles were going fine. Then it turned itself off for night time with a timer, this morning the drop counter is flooded, and I don't know how to fix it. When I try to unscrew the cap to get the water out water keeps flowing out. Here is a pic of my layout. Do I need to move stuff around? Also I am using a co2 reactor.

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Yeah, use check valves to prevent the back siphoning (when the solenoids shuts the system off, water is being sucked from the tank). Good thing, it looks to not have sucked water all the way to the regulator (bubble counter isn't completely full), which can damage it.

If you plan on using the co2 right now, I would suggest just going to a local store and pick up a check valve right away rather than wait for shipment as by then there might be damage to your system from the water.
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