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Drop check !!!

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Hi, where would I be able to get a good drop check?
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Search Evilbay or Amazon. is the cheapest one on Amazon. 6 or 7 bucks shipped.

You'll also need 4dKH solution. You can get it from Evilbay, or just do a WTB here.
[Ebay Link Removed] <- $6 shipped with solution

I am just getting setup for a first planted tank and have been picking up pieces as I go. In fact today I got the 20 pound CO2 tank I bought months ago filled. Anyway that ebay link is to the ph indicator I bought.

EDIT: forum is not kind to my link so... search for "co2 indicator" and then sort by price+shipping lowest first and you get to it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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