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Hey guys, been having trouble in my tank lately. I've been slowly getting my tank under control but experiencing a weird phenomenon where the ludwigia repens get droopy. None of the other plants are doing it except for the repens, but i'll take this as a sign that something is out of wack and affecting other plants. I have it planted on two seperate places in the tank (one in an area of high flow and one in med/low flow). Both are droopy and sad looking.

I am dosing EI, was suspecting micro toxicity because I have a good bunch of osmocote+ above the substrate and Plantex CSM+B dosing on thé heavy side. I have decided to stop micro dosing for this week and only do macros, will see how things go.

Running heavy co2 as well, green at lights on and lime green - yellow by the end of the day. 2x floodlights 50w 6500k, 2x 23w 6500k cfl in the back, one 48" NICREW full spectrum in the middle, and a 30" stingray 2 at the front. I ruled out lights because I can grow rotala bonsai in this tank just fine.

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