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Drooping Staurogyne Repens

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Hello, I am relatively new to the planted tank scene, but have done lots of research. I have had overwhelming success with my first tank, a 20 long but recently noticed my S. Repens leaves drooping. Ive looked around and cant seem to find any solid information on why this happens! Any help is sincerely appreciated!

-Tank: 20 Long
-Lighting: Current USA+
-Filter: Fluval 206+hydor koralia nano 240 for extra flow
-Substrate: Altum Aquasoil
-CO2: Excel 3ml daily
-Ferts: 1/8 tsp. Kno3 2x a week (Macros)
1/16 KH2PO4 2x per week (Macros)
2ml Seachem flourish 2x per week (micros)
-WC Schedule: 50% water changes (tap water)+1/8 tsp. equillibrium
(Dosing system based off Tom Barr's excel EI)

Attached are the photos of the drooping S. Repens


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