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...or better yet, to Port Chester, New York.
I have the following for sale. Obviously, pick up only. $60 OBO.

20G long, oak trimming w/ matching light strip - flourescent light in working condition included - and tank cover. One of the cover lid pins is broken and there's some little white (salt?) deposit residue above the trimmings.
It was only used for a few months a couple years ago when I decided to try my hand with Cichlids.

Also included in the deal.
Enough gravel to give you a 2' depth on this tank. The gravel is mixed with crushed coral 50/50.
3 Lava rocks and 2 pieces of driftwood.

This set up would make a pretty nice fish only or quarantine tank, you just need the filter and a heater.

Also for sale, this pine stand and canopy ( 20G high tank not included ). $60 OBO
I built it over a year ago, it was my first DIY project. I wasn't too concerned with the overall look at the time, you can actually see the screws and nails heads I used to put it together.

PM me if interested.
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