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Drilled Tank, Bulkhead Blank?

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hello ive just bought a seashell aquarium, it was used for a reef tank, sumped and has a 32mm drilled hole in the bottom.

is there anything i can buy that i can just seal it with? like a bulkhead that bolts on but seals it? if not im going to have to silicone glass over it but dont really want to do this as its rather close to the end of tank, please let me know if there is anything i can use to seal it.

many thanks
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I still have a 40 breeder that had a hole drilled in the side, and I used silicone and plexiglass. This tank is probably close to 30 years old, with the plexiglas and silicone being 20 years old.

As long as you use glass that is thick enough for the hole, I wouldn't worry about it. Just put the glass on the inside, not outside.
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