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Selling off my unused driftwood. The blue squares in the photos are 1"x1"
When pming me include name for wood/bundle you want (example "gw3 and m4", "all the manzanita"). If you have any questions or would like more photos of particular wood let me know.
If there is an "*" next to the wood name it can go in a small priority box, shipping $7. If there is a "#" it need a medium priority box so shipping will be $13.

Ghost wood
: commonly used wood for vivariums as it does well in high humidity, also works great in aquariums, terrariums, paludariums, and ripariums ^^ I cut some to use in a tank but then went a different route.

gw 1* $7
View attachment 528834

gw 2 # $7
View attachment 528826

gw3 # $7
View attachment 528818

:1 of the 3 most common driftwoods used in aquariums (along with mopani and malaysian driftwood) I ended up buying much more than I needed ^^'' It looks much darker when submerged

m1 * $7
View attachment 528754

m2 * $7
View attachment 528746

m4 # $7
View attachment 528762

m7# $7
View attachment 528786

m8# $7
View attachment 528850

I also have much larger pieces of ghostwood and manzanita, if you're interested let me know and I'll take photos. I would need your zip code to calculate shipping for the big pieces.

[ADDED 10/21]
Large manzanita set (3 pieces) $50 + shipping costs
View attachment 532226 View attachment 532234 View attachment 532242

1 10x6" portion of salvinia minima $3, 2 portions for $6, shipping is $7 small priority flat rate box.

MTS (Malaysian trumpet snails) $0.10 per a snail, shipping is $7 for small flat rate box.

Can combine shipping on plants and snails.

I've been hording these but really should share the love (anubias).
Shipping is $7 for small flat rate box no matter how much you buy. Pm me with the name(s) of which anubias you want (WYSIWYG-what you see if what you get).
I also have a tiny bit of flame moss left (not much) first person to pay for their anubias will get it free (unless they specifically ask not to have it).
If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Pricing in USD, payment via PayPal only, shipping in continental US only, sorry to any this may exclude.

Micro 3 $12
View attachment 532194

Micro4 $12
View attachment 532202

Petite 2 $20
View attachment 531362

[ADDED 10/21]
Petite 6 $7
View attachment 532210

Petite 7 $7
View attachment 532218

[edit] removed sold items, added a few more.
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