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Driftwood Won't Stop Floating?

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I bought a medium sized piece (12" or so) of branch wood. It's been soaking for about 4 days now. I have it 100% underwater held down by a rock.

It still floats... How can I get it to sink? Other than tying it to a rock or drilling a hole in it.
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You can try boiling the wood; that may help to waterlog it.

Sometimes, the choices are weight it ... or wait for it. :)
Tie it to a piece of slate with fishing line. Bury the slate in your substrate.
almost all wood is going to float until water logged. the only exception is mopani wood. you just have to weight it for awhile and then it will stay down. then rescape as you want.
I bought a package of driftwood and went about trying to get it to sink. I don't know what kind of wood it was but some of the pieces spent about 2 weeks boiling before they would stay down.
Boil it and weight it down. Then it will

easiest way would be to boil it, you can tie a piece of slate to it as others have said but I never go with that option. You could also just wait for it to waterlog naturally but that could take weeks/months to be honest, patience is just once of those things you need to have in this hobby :)
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