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Driftwood NoVA area

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The only place I know of that carries it is Merrifields Garden Center and they only carry huge pieces suited for 100g tanks.

Are there any good shops or streams where I can pick some up?
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The best place I know in virginia that selling great and cheap driftwood was the aquatic warehouse in Lynchburg.

Its pretty much deal hunting if your looking for some in the NOVA area. I just bought a pretty good size piece for cheap at Creatures N' Critters in Woodbridge.

So far the best places I saw good drift are SuperPets in Annandale and Petco in Manassas. For petco I know for sure that the medium pieces are $10. Mopani driftwood.
If you are still looking for driftwood I have manzanita wood.

I've seen some driftwood for sale at Petland in Fairfax, VA. I picked up a piece there and so far no problems with it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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