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Drift Monkey's Fluval Ebi (Rili tank)

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Aren't these things passé or something now...don't see many of 'em...:tongue:

Anyhow, I've set it up and have been fishless cycling it with pure ammonia and Mosura BT-9 for about a week now while waiting for my manzanita to waterlog (still hasn't :rolleyes:). Ordered some easy moss/plants from h4n (thanks!). This is my first real planted tank after years of nano reefs...guess I figure I'd change it up a bit. :thumbsup:

My current stocking plans are some cherry shrimp, maybe some ramshorn snails, and possibly otos...keeping it simple.

  • Fluval Ebi (duh!)
  • Fluval Shrimp Stratum
  • Manzanita driftwood
  • 2x Fluval Mini Power Compact Lamp (13W)
  • Eheim 2232
  • Lily pipes w/clear vinyl tubing

  • Anubias Nana 'Petite'
  • Cryptocoryne Wendtii 'Green Gecko'
  • Cryptocoryne Wendtii 'Red'
  • Narrow Leaf Java Fern
  • Trident Java Fern
  • Flame Moss
  • Peacock Moss

  • None yet!

Anyway, I just planted her up a little while ago, here she is!



Decent enough for a first scape? Comment/critism/(flaming?) welcome!
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The wood is definitely a nice touch.

My only advice would be to add more small Anubias in front around the base of the wood and put a huge clump of Narrow/Needle Leaf Java Fern behind the wood so it flows through toward the front of the tank.

I think any plants taller than a couple inches should be moved toward the back of the tank.
Yeah I tried to get some more anubias, guess I'll keep looking.

I guess it's sorta hard to tell, but the narrow leaf java fern is tied behind the wood towards the left and the trident is attached to the back towards the right. Not a whole lotta space in the back between them due to the shape of a wood...

As far as the little crypts in the foreground...I may and up moving them to the back...I'd just basically never see them if I did. The wood takes up so much space...
That's a interesting piece of driftwood.
Thanks! Yeah, I really liked that piece of wood...hopefully it sinks soon. I'm still using the light to hold it down! HAHA

I'm still getting high nitrites, so I won't start stocking probably 'till next weekend. 20ish cherries and 6 otos sound ok?
Got around to taking slightly better pictures (and I do mean slightly).




some peacock moss that's emergent

the lonely anubias nana 'petite'
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Lookin' good. Hope you get those nitrites under control soon.
Welp, the nitrite issue is gone...I just did a 100% water change to clear the tank of nitrates (which were somewhre in the neighborhood of 80-160 ppm!). The fishless cycle is done...and the shrimp should be here today!
this looks even nicer than the edge scape! :)
this looks even nicer than the edge scape! :)
Thanks buddy!

Update time! 20 RILI SHRIMP arrived yesterday (thanks ryantube)! They're doing great...really active and not one bit shy! They're foraging and zipping around the tank like nobody's business. Really entertaining little guys...hard to photograph the active little buggers though!

Without further ado...a bunch crappy phone pics! Enjoy!

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Your DW piece is amazing! Loving the tank and the shrimp!
Thanks for all the compliments guys!

I'm thinking of adding around 6 or so otos to the tank sometime soon... opinions? That would be it...I'm just gonna let these Rilis breed out!
This thread needs MOAR SHRIMP PICS! :D

Well, he's not a shrimp...but he did somehow hitchhike here. Pretty cool lookin'!

I trimmed up all the old raggedy looking narrow leaf/trident fern so...FTS!
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All seems well...I did develop some algae on the glass suddenly over the weekend. I'm not sure if it's green dust algae or a couple different varieties. Most of it is light brownish in color and spotty but there are also patches of a bright green. Not sure if I should hit it with my magnet cleaner or not...
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