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Here's a fun game to play after you've finished your tank chores: I'll post a picture, then you try to draw it and post another pic before someone else does. Then someone will try to draw your pic and post another, and so on.

Rules for the drawings/paintings:
*You may use any medium you like (#2 pencil, crayon, watercolor, marker, colored pencil, acrylic paint, photoshop, etc.) and any size paper you like.
*No tracing.
*You don't have to follow the picture exactly. If you want to change the color of the subject or the background, that's fine. But you have to show some element of the picture in your painting/drawing.
*Drawings uploaded with the Planted Tank image host are preferred so they won't disappear over time.
*This thread can be revived if it goes inactive for a while. Just post a drawing and challenge pic and hopefully it will liven up again.

Rules for challenge pictures:
*The challenge pictures must be related to aquariums in some way - fish, aquatic plants, corals, etc. They don't have to be freshwater, but they do need to be aquatic. No beach scenes, sailing pics, etc.
*Only photos can be used for the next person to draw. No drawings of drawings, please.
*If it's not your photo, tell us who made it or where it came from. If there's a signature on the photo this isn't necessary.
*After you post your drawing and challenge picture, two more people have to post theirs before you can go again. The exception is if more than 24 hours have passed since you posted, you can go again, even if no one else has posted after you. In that case, you would draw your own challenge picture and then post a different challenge picture.

If you have any questions, send me a PM and I'll answer them in this first post.


Here's the first challenge pic:

Pic from
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