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Draft Gas (CO2 N2)

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I was reading jesstray's post about ordering some CO2 equipment.

MiSo mentioned getting CO2 from and they sale Draft Gas (CO2 N2) for draft beers like Guinness.

This might be a dumb question, but can you use this for a planted aquarium? It has CO2 plus Nitrogen. Draft Gas costs a little more that regular CO2. Is (CO2 N2) put in CO2 tanks or Nitrogen tanks?

I Googled Draft Gas (CO2 N2) and found that it's available in different blends:
N2 - - CO2
75% - 25%
70% - 30%
60% - 40%
25% - 75%
??% - ??%

Mixed gas regulator:
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....why use draft gas if it costs more than regular CO2?

And I'd think so since nitrogen gas is in our atmosphere and probably highly dissolve in our oceans/lakes, etc...I don't think more N2 would cause any appreciable harm.
N2 is completely inert. But why use it? A waste of money.
BGA/cyano love to fix atmospheric N2 from what I remember... You might get a BGA outbreak.
If you want to go this route, you'll need to make sure that your gas distributor will fill a CO2 Tank with a CGA 320 outlet with a gas meant for a tank with a CGA 580 outlet. If not you will need to get an adapter.
I couldn't remember if plants could break apart the N2 molecule or not. If they could, they could use it for a nitrogen source along with ammonium and nitrate.

Kelly says that N2 is inert; so that's that. Bad idea. I won't be messing with it then. Thanks guys! :smile:
Plants can't break apart N2 but there is a type of bacteria that can do this. It lives in nodules on the roots of soybeans and lentils forming a symbiotic relationship. The bacteria fix nitrogen from the air and the plant uses it. I don't think this relationship exists in any aquatic plants. And mistergreen is right about bga/cyanobacteria fixing nitrogen. Although I'm not certain it will lead to an outbreak.
Thank you for the information, footbeat.
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