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Hello everyone. My beast of a 150 gallon planted tank is dead and gone. It sprung it's second leak. I resealed it in January and thought I did an awesome job. With the second leak, wet carpet, and hassel of it all, I decided to take a break from large tanks. With my first child on the way, the wife wasn't too upset to see the large tank go.
Now I'm going through withdraw and want to start a small planted tank. I'm really interested in starting it emersed with HC being the primary planting, maybe some DHG.
What is the suggested watts per gallon for HC in a small tank setup? I'm looking at under 10 gallons that can sit on my counter top. I was thinking of doing a dirt tank, with flourite on top. Does this combo work in small tanks?
Thanks for the help. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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Nanos are fun. Not an expert but a lot of "kits" are now rocking LED lighting, which go against the conventional watts per gallon rule. I suggest you check out a few nano tank journals to get an idea of what works for people. My eheim seemed to grow HC just fine with CO2, in eco complete substrate and EI dosing.
That is what I have been doing. Lots of info on this site. In regards to DIY co2 is this a popular option or are most using compressed gas?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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