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Hi! Downsizing and cleaning closet, pick up only please. In boston.

1. Aquarium chiller $130 (come attached to a AC 20, great for shrimps in the summer) Brought from marine depot about 2 months ago, used twice. Works great! but decided i dont actually need it.

2. Fluval Spec V $35 comes with everything, can keep the cycle if you want. used for about 6 months.

3. 7 Corydoras habrosus $15, just brought last week, decided they are not what as fun as they sounded.

4. CRS - A,S,SS grade crs juvies and a few adults $4 each,

5. Carbon Rili Neo shrimp - $6 each Juvies

6. Pumpkin Shrimp - $3 each juvies.

Pm for more info.

Will add more and pictures later.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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