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I have a couple of buckets of plants to unload if anyone is interested, otherwise these go in the trash.

The Downoi is leggy from me letting it grow on top of itself- I have sufficient lighting and all, I just let it go. (I had a bad bought of hair algae a while back and lost most of my stems to it, so I wanted to keep as much "mass" in the tank during the winter when I was afraid to have any shipped.) I replanted a big batch of it and buried it really deep, and it still looks good.

I have enough of this for 4 or 5 packages, plus a small amount of these extras:

Hydrocotyle verticillata (Whorled Pennywort)
Marsilea Quadrifolia (Four-leaf Clover, mine grow small and pretty horizontal)
Najas Grass (I have lots of this, too)

$6.00 for priority shipping, or if you would like to trade, let me know what you have. :)

Edited to add that I can only take non-CC paypal- sorry!

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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