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Shipping is $8 for priority shipping. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

*just added*
Piccotope 3g Light Fixture
New, unused-literally just got the tank today but won't be using it's light-good for reefs! Light works perfectly. "Clamp-on Lamp fixture with 9W 50/50 lamp and remote ballast"
View attachment 622009 View attachment 621945 View attachment 622017 View attachment 622025 View attachment 622033

5.5"x4" worth of submerged grown downoi with roots, several can be split into 2-3-4 separate plants! Some are tall enough to cut tops and replant.
$22 for all downoi shown below

Enough to fill 1/2 of a 10g tank! Most of it is tied to ss mesh with clear fishing line, but one small portion is on slate.
$28 for WITH ss mesh/slate, OR $25 for plants WITHOUT ss mesh/slate
Price is for all java fern pictured below

Salvinia minima
10"x6" worth for $2
View attachment 622346

$1 for 10 plants -have 2 portions available.

SOLD Riccia
$1 for 5.5"x4" shown below

Malaysian trumpet snails great for sifting sand based tanks!
$2 for 70 + extras, if you want more or less let me know.
View attachment 621929

Suction cups
I have a ton of these, someone was expressed interest in them but I forgot who...15 sets total (30 suction cups) 2 sets (4) are eheim jagar heater suction cups, the others are misc. from planter baskets, canister plumbing holders.. etc.
$2 for all shown below
View attachment 621921
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