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Double Trouble: Fluval Edge

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Hi guys,
It's been a long time since I've been on the forum. Sorry about that! I got out of betta breeding the energy costs on my house for the fish room were far too high to keep making actual money. So I sold the whole lot. I did however get a Fluval Edge and I've had it running for about five months now.

Pettie Nana

Cardinal Tetra
Young Betta
Emerald Eye
Long Fin White Cloud
Ner. Snail
Some form of very, very, very tiny synodontis (like 1/2 an inch)

Recently replaced the stock lights with two high powered 4500K LED 12V. This gives a powerful dual spotlight effect...but I like that.

My next project is going to be to place another Fluval Edge next to it that's a tiny reef tank. I'm working on the light mod (needs *serious* retrofitting for even low light coral, I'll end up with 100-150$ in LED light retro fitting).

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Welcome back!

I wondered where you went. You're wild type bettas always astound me.

So you're other tanks are down?
Yeah, I was gone cause I was finishing a 187 page thesis and getting my professional occupational Therapy license. Busy, buys.

I miss my wild betta SO much....but it was too much time and money (electric bill through the roof!!!).

So right now I have this Fluval, and I'm filling up a salt Fluval to start cycling as we speak!
what kind of betta is that? wild? I just started getting into betta breeding :) i have a pair of albis and a pair of dragon plakats
Maybe you should try to feel it a little more :D
Your nano reef is cute !
That is sweet!
very nice! So you dont have any albis at all anymore?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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