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Double tank stand?

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I have an established 10 gal along with a 29 gal that is currently being dry started. I was thinking it would be nice to have both on the same stand next to each other, say on a larger 55 gal stand. Is that possible? Would the weight imbalance be an issue with the two different sizes?
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Depends on the stand. A nice piece of furniture (dresser, coffee table, buffet table, etc..) will hols them both easy (craigslist probably has some deals in your area). A 55 gallons stand with a flat surface should work fine as well. However, if it's a metal stand, in which the the 55 gallon tank would normally be supported by just the edges, probably not (unless you fixed a board onto it to make a table surface). As to weight balance, it shouldn't be an issue, so long as both tanks are on the same piece of wood the weight will spread out.
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