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I am new to the planted tank community and am in the process of planning my first "real" planted aquarium after having various tanks for 30+ years. I have most of my equipment purchased or on order EXCEPT for a decent regulator. I know there are a few folks here that make them and sell on the forum. I am very interested in buying if someone has one completed and ready to go within the next week or two.

After reading the vast (and incredible) information on these forums, I realize that a custom made regulator is the way to go. Unfortunately I don't have the knowledge or tools to build one myself. I would like to stay around $250 if possible.

Payment by PayPal. I can also supply (fax or email) a FedEx shipping label to you, using my FedEx account number for overnight shipping. Simply drop off the packaged at a FedEx authorized ship center.

Let me know if you have what I am looking for. Thank you.
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