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i got a new bottle of ferts last week and double dosed because i wasn't paying attention to the new cap size.

i did a partial water change and its been a week.
the only negative thing i can see, is one of my anubias has gotten slightly yellow and has one little brown patch. other than that, it seemed to have helped the other plants.

but what now? should i add the right dose to the tank this week, or hold off?
or should i do another water change and then dose them?

specs are

nano cube 12 gallon
eco complete
2 14w 6500k CFL's

3 anubias
3 amazon swords
bunch of anacharis
and several types of local unidentified everglades plants. (really long and leggy. 2 species of these plants have exploded with red colorful growth since the double dose)

3 glolites
3 blackskirt tetras
3 corys
black mystery snail
a crab i caught (no idea what kind)

Ph. 7.4
no ammonia
no nitrite
nitrate 30ppm

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I'd do another 50% water change and skip dosing for a week, personally. Or perhaps only dose 1/2 of what you normally would...

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Leaf Zone only supplies potassium and some traces. You could double dose routinely and not do any harm. The real harm is in not dosing nitrogen and phosphorous to go with the potassium. That may be why the discoloring of the leaves. Read about the Estimative Index dosing method and see if that would work better for you.
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