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Dosing pump reservoirs.

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Hi all
I have bought a dosing pump and a 3 compartment reservoir as I want my fertilizers to be dosed automatically into my 600 litre tank.
On the fertilizer bottle they all say to shake before use and this I assume is to redistribute heavier ingredients to make sure they are properly mixed. Has anyone used the reservoirs and had problems with the fertilizer settling?
My initial thought is to set the dosing pump up to work at a specific time and also have an air pump and airstones set up to run before hand in the reservoirs to agitate and mix the fertilizer before the dosing occurs. I also thought that since it is better to dose small amounts daily than larger amounts once weekly I would mix the fertilizers with water and have them do 10 ML daily rather than try and get them to dose 2 ml daily of the concentrated fertilizers since the weekly dose is 15ml.
Am I overthinking this? Any comments.