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Dosing Phosphate for GSA

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Hi guys,

I have a little problem with GSA on my anubias. I'm working with a densely planted 55 gallon. I have a GLO t5 HO on for about 9 hrs a day. I have a GLA regulator adding pressurized CO2 at about 3-4 bubbles per second. I want to dose phosphates and got K2SO4 from GLA. How should I dose the ferts? It's in a solid form, but I'm not sure how much (in grams) I should add to a 500ml bottle.

Any help would be awesome,
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Do you only have a single T5HO bulb over your aquarium? As an additional comment, your 9 hour photoperiod might be a bit long, I would try 8 hours or less.

For your fertilizers, there are various dosing regimens that you can try. Most people recommend EI or PPS-Pro, so you can do some searching around the forums for more information. There are stickies at the top of the Fertilizer subsection, and also a brief, but informative primer that I wrote regarding planted aquariums (linked in my signature below).

Hope this helps.
It's a dual bulb with two 10,000K florescents. I was planning on following the PPS-Pro method as described on Green Leaf's website. The set up is about a month and a half old and I'm leery to start fertilizing only because everything is growing really well (minus the GSA on the anubias and red hygro). I had read that it's better to start dosing only once you see deficiencies starting and therefore only want to dose phosphate. Is it actually better to dose an entire PPS-Pro regimen (K2SO4,KNO3, KH2PO4, AND MgSO4) with the phosphate included in fertilizer mix or just the phosphate? I guess that's where I'm confused. I really appreciate the reply, and I'm delving into the forum as we speak.

Have you measured your kno3 if not I wouldn't dose it.

I had some very light algae on my anubias also and started dosing 1/8 teaspoon phosphate twice or three times a week to keep my phosphates at about .5 at least maybe 1 my nitrates are always at about 15 or 20 tank is heavily planted don't need to dose nitrates fish take care of that. 15 to 20 gallon water changes a week also dose potassium sulfate and csm+b 1/8 teaspoon.

Potassium sulfate and phosphate at the same time csm+b the following day. This regimen has made my anubius gorgeous.

50 gallon 3 watts per gallon wavepoint 4 t5s, pressurized co2
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