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Hello here,
I have posted this question on other forums, but so far no replies... but, anyhow, here I am posting the same question:

I just realized one thing about my EI dosing regime, please tell me if I am wrong. I have been dosing for a 60gl tank, so my dosing has been as follows:

KNO3: 1/2 tsp
KH2PO4: 1/8 tsp

Plantex CSM + B: 1/8 tsp

According to what suggested on this thread:

Just out of curiosity, today I measured the corresponding dosage in grams, taking an actual scale and measuring what I have actually been doing every day, I get the following corresponding in grams:

KNO3: 2.60
KH2PO4: 0.50

Plantex CSM + B: 0.50

Then I went on calculator:

And for the same tank size it gives me the following:

KNO3: 2.77 (pretty close to my 2.60 above)
KH2PO4: 0.42 (pretty close to my 0.50 above)

Plantex CSM + B: 1.74 (Way off!!!)

Why is that? I have been dosing in tsp for micros, but looks like I may have been too lean on micros according to the calculator.

Any ideas??!! Am I missing something???
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