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Dosing macros only

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I finally received the ferts I ordered online. K2PO4, KNO3 and CSM+B. So I'm thinking about dosing only macros to my main display tank because I have inverts in there and there's copper in the CSM. How is that going to affect the growth of my plants. Is there a safe amount of copper I could dose without risking killing my MTS and cherries?
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Dose makes the poison, not mere presence of something, copper is toxic to us as well, if there's too much, but it's still an essential element required.

So the question is how much is toxic to Cherries?
A heck of lot.

I dose a very high amount and have 300-400? cherries growing and breeding like flies. I use a similar product to CMS as far as copper.

Tom Barr
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