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Dosing issues

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Im currently trying to carpet my glosso on my 40B. I have 2 Finnex Planted + on 8hrs a day 10-6.... i was EI dosing , the i got some BBA, so i reduced my dosing a little, now i see a few yellow leaves on my glosso....

should i base my dosing via the E/I dosing 20-40 gallons or 40-60 gallons?
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You have a high level of light in there and until you get lots of plants actually growing well you need to reduce it to no more than 7 hrs a day. At the first thread on the algae section are directions to remove/keep out the BBA under Guitarfish.
Mmm. I'd suggest you stock your tank with fast growing stem plants or floating plants to compete with the algae. Are you using excel(glut) and/or co2?

Cutting the photo period will slow the BBA, but fixing the nutrient situation is paramount.
I think you may be at a high enough lighting level to need CO2. Plants don't compete with algae and don't believe your EI dosing caused your BBA.
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