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I am setting up a BW tank, and I'd like to know if it is OK to dose ferts for plants in the tank.

I ask as I have a Java Fern in a holding tank with PH 7.4, GH 4.5 dH and KH 3-4 kH. The leaves started curling in and the tips gradually began to brown out. I dosed Flourish excel first, then over the next few days flourish and flourish trace. The fern perked up immediately.

Plan to have these in the BW tank with a PH 6.2, GH 1.5, KH 1. I expect they will need the nutrients. The only caveat is the plants alone will filter the tank (will be using fast growers and floaters with about 10-12 microfish). Would the ammonia in the water, plus dosing nitrate (another person does that in his tank), be sufficient for the plant's needs?

Open to suggestions on what to do here to care for the plants.
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