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Dosing ferts and c02 and lighting Question

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Hi everyone!

I have a 110 gal Tall tank (L48″ x W18″ x H30″) with a pressurized C02 a wavepoint 4 bulb T5HO for lighting( but i only use 3 bulbs).
I am doing EI dosing of micro and macro (saturday WC)

my plants are:

Banana plant
Crypt Wendtii
jungle vals
Java fern
java moss
Madagascar lace plant
narrow leaf giant hygro (not doing well)
ludwigia repens (not doing well)
Brazilian micro sword

I am thinking of going low tech, ill remove all my stem plants and just add root plants like crpyts or amazon sword.

Here is my question: do i still need to do the EI dosing if majority of my plants are root plants? stopping the EI woukld it affect my anubias and java fern?

Do i still need presurized C02?

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What do you mean when you say that your plants aren't doing well? Algae? Damaged leaves? Little or no growth? At any rate, if you're switching to a low light set-up, then you don't need the pressurized CO2. As for EI dosing, you could still keep doing it, but you'd have to modify the dosage. For instance, my low light nano tank gets 25% of the recommended EI dosage and is doing great. I'm sure your anubias and java fern would appreciate a least a bit of ferts although I think you could probably do away with dosing the water column completely if you wanted.

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Thanks for the quick reply :)

My ludiwgia repens and giant hygro lost all of the bottom leaves and some of the stem(bottom) started to rot but top portion is showing some life for got to mention my water wisteria is also rotting from the bottom stem, thinking of of converting to low tech since i have success with my root plants, does root plants benefit from pressurized C02?

here are some pics

Narrow leaf giant hygro

Water wisteria

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