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dosing fenbendazole and planaria

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so i tried using fenbendezole (or however its spelled), but i doesed it for two days now, and wondering how often i should do it along with how much/ how often i should be changing the water. Another thing, what should i expect, i have crs and i don't want to harm them. SHould i expect the planaria to start appearing and dying or what? they're pretty scarce and only see them a few at a time, but i want to get rid of them all together. so how do i know if im successful as they're all in the substrate.
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I've read it might be best to dose when the lights are out when planaria are quite active.
How much have you been dosing?

It takes time to work. I did two treatments in 6 days when I had them. Day 1 dose, day 3 dose. No problems. And yeah, it breaks down in light.
I dose 2 consecutive days full dose. Then let it sit for the next 2 large 30-50% water change and repeat. I am trying to get rid of this nasty parasite I got from a person importing. Eurithromyicn did nothing to it
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