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I had dosed my planted aquarium with a lot of ADA Bacter 100 bacteria product, and my fishes were happy, but due to an emergency aquarium sealing failure, I had to remove all the water and my 20-gallon sump(full of water) was also shut down for 11-12 hours, now its been a few days putting the fishes back, some fishes are not happy they are having red gills, today that problem is less but still I have bought seachem stability, can someone suggest me the dosage of seachem stability as I don't want to waste seachem stability more than needed as it is quite expensive, BTW I don't have Seachem prime with me.

Tank: 50 gallons Sump: ~20 gallons
Media in Sump: lots of ADA BioRio and other similar media and sponge
Fishes: fairly stocked: guppy, molly, platy, and gourami tank
Low-density low tech, DIY co2 planted aquarium, moderate lighting, and Dirt substrate with sand caping

The sump was turned off for 11-12hours , after 12 hours the tank got fully resealed and everything was put like before.

Image of sump:


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