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Just received my 5 mixed nerite snails in the mail and after acclamation and release, 2 of the 5 right away started on their way but 3 of them haven't moved. I've had a mystery snail that floated for days and wasn't dead and I was wondering if these 3 might take a while, as if they were dormant or stressed, or if anyone else has experienced this?
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I had some do the same thing, the next day they had vanished into the brush
Cool, 1 more started moving around right after I posted this... Now I'm more concerned about the first that took off climbing out the tank lol
I had three out of five once that ended up being dead, it took a long time to tell. Give them a few days and if they don't move you can try a few things. You can smell them (ew I know, they will stink badly if dead), you can poke the door and see if it moves and is solid feeling, and I have also heard you can give it a very hard shake and if is dead it will fall out (have not tried this way).
Thanks, I'm going to give them some time... One has been above the water line ever since he found the glass. He's right below the plastic lip of the top of the tank. I hope his journey is unsuccessful and he retreats back down. Are these snails pretty hardy? My ph is about 7.5
I lost all 6 of my nerite snails due to them climbing out of the tank to explore outside of eden
It can take them as many as 10 days to 2 weeks sometimes to come out and explore. And yes, they can climb out of the tank. Some do it more often than others (like some nerites, like olive nerites climb more than zebra, just an example statement). They often do that when they are introduced into new surroundings or when something is wrong with the water. Some climb out daily then return. I have one that climbs out every morning and sleeps on the spraybar out of the water, then returns to the water in the afternoons. Get a lid on the tank or start monitoring it more closely.
I refuse to run lids on a planted aquarium, just not my style, but this is just an experiment. The zorro nerite is the only one who has been out the water and he's been there for a while but hasn't got out. My black racer and tiger are upside down where I released them :icon_cry::icon_cry::icon_cry:
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