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Dorm Room planted tank

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Hi everyone,
This is my first post here though i've been lurking around for information for a while.
I used to be really into reefkeeping but had to give that up last year because i went to college. Since i couldn't stand not having a tank I decided to build a little planted nano this summer and here it is a few months later.
I used 2 pieces of window replacement which i cut up and siliconed.
This is my first planted tank so any suggestions are welcome.

8"x8"x6" tall for easy transport to and from school

substrate: inert small gravel
Fauna: 3 cherry red shrimp
Lights: 13w power compact
Filter: HOB red sea nano
Additives: Flourish, Iron, and Excel

This is one with my hand for size reference

For more pictures and a small timeline from beginning see website:
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Nice tank:) I like your piece of driftwood; It really makes the tank have a more natural look.

We weren't allowed to have fish in my dorm, so I kept a betta in a 1 gallon betta bowl and would hide him in my closet during our (very frequent) fire alarm drills in the middle of the night. (They'd do room checks while we stood outside in the cold). Would've been nice to have a more proper tank set up. ;)

And btw, very nice tank.
Jeez, dorm room checks? I would have gotten in trouble for EVERYTHING. Electric heater, check. Microwave over watt limit, check. Wireless router, check. Foreman grill, check. Coffee maker, check. Beer, check.

The only thing I ever had confiscated was a parking meter that I found knocked over. Take that, Ann Arbor parking!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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