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Doraemon, that robot cat with the interdimensional pocket from the future

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Someone asked about my avatar, a cultural icon in Japan and most of Asia.

It's Doraemon! A robotic cat that travels back in time from the future via a work desk drawer to help a little boy named Nobita. Doraemon has an inter-dimensional pocket filled with numerous gadgets from the future, including: a head-attachment helicopter that lets you fly; a picnic blanket resembling a Star Trek replicator, able to conjure up any food; a flash light that's able to reduce/enlarge the mass of any object; an inter-dimensional door that can lead to anywhere; animal crackers that turn you to animals.... etc to ad nauseum.

He lost his ears to mice and has an avid fear of all rodents.

Anyway I watched this growing up, my dad worked a lot in Japan and brought back anime in the late 80's (series first aired in '69). Way better than Mickey Mouse. (an ep with subs, whole series is on YouTube)
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