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My bf intended to save these for his rescape, but decided with another layout so these are available for a trade or sale. These bunches are actually more impressive in person. My camera skills are poor so I made it look smaller than they are :icon_sad:

[STRIKE]Java 1: Trade* or $10[/STRIKE]

[STRIKE]Java 2: Trade* or $12[/STRIKE]

[STRIKE]Windelov: Trade* or $15[/STRIKE]

Shipping for each bunch is either $4 w/ confirmation first class bubble mailer (will not be responsible for any melted or squished parts simply because its a bubble mailer) or $8 w/ confirmation a 7"x7"x7" priority mail box.

* Looking to trade with Painted Fire Red shrimps or any clip-on light fixtures.

PM me for any inquiries, questions or concerns. Thank you.
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