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(This is a follow-up to a discussion in the "RO Storage Container?" thread that went off-topic and was locked earlier today.)

After hearing that the red-wheeled "quiet" model of the dolly was rated for 250 pounds, I decided to do a little more research into the normal model that Lowe's was claiming is only good for 205 pounds. As it turns out, there are three separate weight limits posted for this dolly!

-Lowe's stores have a sign saying 205 lbs
-Lowe's and Home Depot's websites both claim 350 lbs
-Rubbermaid's product page says BOTH 250 and 350 lbs in separate places on the same page!

I sent an email to Rubbermaid asking for a clarification and just got a reply today: the normal, non-quiet model of this wheel adaptor is rated for 250 lbs of static/dynamic load. (The Lowe's one has a slightly different product number, but Rubbermaid said it is the same unit.)

This means it should work fine for hauling the 32 gallon Brute containers full of water!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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